Your partner in the room – An experienced Master of Ceremonies / Conference Facilitator that you can rely on.

As a professional master of ceremonies / conference facilitator Mark brings his extensive event experience, energy and gravitas to any conference or business forum, in a way that your internal MCs simply cannot.

Whatever the event, Mark’s experience has shown, time and time again, that it is the facilitation of events, the manner in which they are presented or stage managed, that makes the difference to their success.  Let Mark partner you, handling the entire in-the-room minutia, leaving you free to manage the overall event without getting bogged down with the demands of delegate and speaker handling.

The Outcome

Do you want your events to be remembered as ‘just another day out of the office’ or would you prefer they were regarded as ‘memorable events that inspire, inform and motivate delegates to excel beyond their current performance limits, turning potential into profit?’ – If you prefer the latter, then Mark can help you achieve this.

The Facts

Many PCOs, Meetings Planners, Event Coordinators etc are not always aware that significantly less expensive, and yet highly effective, solutions are readily available outside the domain of the Speaker Bureaus.

The Value

Whilst some event planners will have the budgets to spend between £10,000 and £20,000 on a celebrity MC (such as famous sportspeople, business leaders, media personalities or TV celebrities) this expenditure is not necessary, or warranted, for the vast majority of the corporate events that happen every day.

The Benefits

  • For delegates:  a professional facilitator develops accessible relationships where all delegates feel comfortable to have their individual questions, queries or concerns attended to.  An important factor when you consider they will commonly be in an unfamiliar venue and many may also be far from home.
  • For delegates:  an experienced facilitator will crystallise the key points from each keynote presentation (within 48 hours of the closure of the event) and provide the PCO with concise speaker summaries, for distribution to the delegates – This is always a valuable asset for the attendee and appreciated by the host company, but is a service which is often not provided by others who compere or emcee events.
  • For guest speakers:  the facilitator will offer clear direction, making sure that they are where they need to be, when they need to be there; ensure they adhere to their allotted time schedules; introduce them in a compelling manner; attend to any special requirements; offer them a clear point of contact (guaranteeing they feel valued and that they receive a memorable level of attention and service during their attendance at your event)
  • For the event manager:  the master of ceremonies is their partner in the room.  The facilitator enables him/her to remain detached, objective and free to handle the wider management issues of the overall event, without getting tied into the minutiae of the event delivery, in the room itself.
  • For the entertainers, audio visual technicians, caterers, security teams and any/all other ancillary service providers to the event, the facilitator acts, as does an orchestral conductor, to ensure that the perfect harmonies are unlocked from the many components instrumental in making a good set piece “outstanding”.

The Conclusion

It is these factors, often not fully appreciated, which make the difference between a run of the mill event and one that is truly memorable and that achieves its specific objectives.

These delegate and third party provider management skills, delivered by a professional Master of Ceremonies, ensures that Mark’s clients receive real ‘value’ and powerful ‘outcomes’ from their overall expenditure.

A penny saved here, can cost dearly.

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“You did an outstanding job as compere for our “Celebrity Cook-off” Thanks for making it a success and for all your help and enthusiasm.”

 Glenn McCall-Category Manager, Tastic Rice Corporation