Activity Overview

  • To compere the entire day, from start to finish.
  • To undertake all delegate communication, introduce all speakers and oversee the running of the day’s event, at the sharp end.
  • To liaise with all parties. Yourself, the venue banqueting manager, hosts, entertainers, speakers, delegates, photographers and the audio-visual providers (I call this “being-in-the-room”).
  • To keep everything to your pre-arranged timetable.
  • To work on your behalf so you, as the event organiser, are free to overview your entire event without getting tied into the day’s running details.

Benefits to the Event Coordinator

  • Assists the conference coordinator by freeing him/her to concentrate on core conference organisational activities, whilst having a competent ‘gofer’ handling challenges in the room.
  • Assists with seamless delegate communication and problem-solving, through close contact and relationship-building with the conference delegates.
  • Assists both the venue team and the event coordinator through efficient time management of proceedings. This enables both parties to manage the provision of food, beverage and other services more effectively.
  • Assists the host company by ensuring the conference timetable is adhered to and programme schedules are achieved, thereby achieving event outcomes.
  • Supports the coordinator by checking the required audio-presentation equipment before use, and supervising its handling during operation.

 Benefits to the Client, Company and Delegates

  • Keeping the conference presenters on-track, from a time perspective.
  • Continually re-focusing the delegates on key messages.
  • Regularly injecting enthusiasm and energy into the proceedings.
  • Professional guest-speaker handling and timing management.
  • Delivering comprehensive and clear summaries of the key learning outcomes of each session.
  • Effective time management of break-away sessions, to ensure exercise outcomes are achieved within the time frames allowed for.
  • Delivering accessible, clear, general information to delegates on facilities, conference timetables and the event schedule.
  • In more intimate sessions (like meetings / brainstorming sessions) I ensure that the discussions are moved forward, positively, and that delegate input does not become circular or get bogged down into the argumentative cycle, which wastes valuable time and may derail conference / meeting proceedings.
  • As an independent facilitator my role is also non-threatening.
  • By using an independent facilitator companies encourage full delegate participation and avoid hijacking of the many by the few.

“On behalf of our client, Moriting Management, many thanks for your dedication and hard work that went into assisting us at the official launch of the Johannesburg Stadium. Your efforts were much appreciated and contributed significantly towards the successful co-ordination and smooth operation of the event.”

Ann Fubbs -Account Executive, Alison Gregg Public Relations